You know how a typical talent search works right? Defining the requirements and drafting a description to post on job boards and sharing it with personal networks. It means the work is on the hiring manager to sift through hundreds of resumes that only meet part of what you’re looking for. That is, if you even know what you really need. And, with this approach you only reach people who are actively looking for a new job, meaning the odds are the perfect person for your needs isn’t actively looking for you.

That’s why what we do is different. We spend the time up front to get it right, asking the questions that provoke thought to achieve targeting that gets the right hire, not just a hire. No posting on job boards. We build the talent pool of prospects ourselves. And we do that so we can find the right talent that has the scientific, technical, and business acumen to match the job description. Because in our experience, getting the right culture fit, is the difference between a startup that succeeds at its most critical juncture, and one that doesn’t.