You know how a TYPICAL talent search works, right? Defining the requirements, drafting a description to post on job boards, and sharing it with personal networks. The work is on the hiring manager to sift through hundreds of resumes that only meet part of what you’re looking for. And, with this approach, you only reach people who are actively looking for a new job, meaning the odds are the perfect person for your needs isn’t actively looking for you. Ultimately this is time wasted and milestones potentially jeopardized.

The bottom line is Helix BUILDS Startups. That’s why we are different. Before discussing the role, we must understand the why. What is your origin story? Because if the candidate isn’t geeked out about the problem you are working to solve, it doesn’t matter what the role is.

Job descriptions are nice to pass along, but we dig to go beyond what is on paper, asking the questions that provoke thought to achieve targeting that gets you the person you thought was unobtainable. We never post roles our clients trust us with. We hunt. We build the talent pool of prospects ourselves. And we do that to find the person who is an SME in their profession that will exceed your expectations.

Whether it is CEO, Co-Founder, CTO, CFO, CCO or Principal Scientist, Engineer, Controller, or Business Development, we treat every search we are entrusted with the same relentless style that brings the best candidates to the table and sets Helix apart from the rest.