In-Depth Review


Not what you think.
While most firms focus are laser-focused on the Job Description, we are laser-focused on the company first, then the job description. We need to understand who you are as a company, your origin story as a founder, what the why is, and what problem you are trying to solve. Because at the end of the day, if the candidate is not geeked out by what the company is doing, who cares what the job description is?


Identify the Subject Matter Experts


Our research team is world-class, and our Head of Research is invited annually to speak at Sourcing conferences. In addition to our recruiters’ research, our research team scourers any online source available to bring the best talent to light. This, of course, involves LinkedIn but also includes publication searches, Research Gate, searching patents, GitHub, etc. Although we may have done a specific search multiple times, there are always nuances, and our research team always identifies the best prospective talent.


Reach out to Prospects


This is where the first step comes into play. We are not heavy-handed when reaching out to potential targets, we tell the company’s story, and while we may feel they are 100% spot on, we are not under high pressure as recruiting is all about timing. If we have a strong story, the prospect will self-identify. If the timing is not right and the opportunity compelling, most time, they will recommend someone from their network, and that is how we build the ecosystem specific to each search. This style also allows us to return to exceptional talent over time until the opportunity meshes with the timing.


Spot on Candidates


We don’t want to waste our time, the client’s, or the candidate’s time. We are efficient and only submit the best. Our average candidate submitted-to-hired ratio is five candidates per hire, and we have had multiple searches where the first candidate we present is the game-changer our clients are looking for. They move as quickly as possible to close them to prevent another company from in last minute to disrupt the offer process.




This is where the rubber meets the road. While our clients retain us, we tell candidates and clients alike that our job is to make everyone happy or a little unhappy. Reaching a consensus on an offer is a two-way street with shared pain or joy, and this mindset fosters long-term employee retention. Also, we counsel our clients to let us be the negotiator in closing candidates as candidates will be more open with us regarding any concerns rather than a potential future boss. A misperception is that this is to make a more significant fee, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and we have no problem telling candidates they are being unrealistic and have even gone as far as counseling our clients to pull the offer if we feel the candidate is not an honest broker. Closing is an art with many nuances. It’s never a one size fits all endeavor. Allow Helix to lead the close, and your offer-to-close ratio will increase.