Charles Leach  Principal, Strategic Recruiting

Charles leads the recruitment strategy at Helix. With roots beginning in the International Energy and Oil & Gas sectors in 2005, Charles pivoted to biotechnology in 2007, working with SynBio Pioneers, including Amyris, Allylix, Kinestral, and other disruptive companies. When the SynBio 1.0 companies focused on renewable chemicals, biofuels, material sciences, and other commodity chemicals began to hit scale-up roadblocks – the science had to go somewhere. Charles was at the forefront of the FoodTech, Cellular Agriculture, and later AgTech sectors in 2015 with Modern Meadow, Perfect Day, Geltor, EVERY Co, and more. Charles continues to play an integral role in the scientific, engineering, and executive growth of key companies in the space, including Oobli, Helaina, New Culture, Huue, DMC Biotechnologies, SciFi Foods, Plantible Foods, Motif Foodworks, and Solugen, among many others.