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Flavor Trends and Functional Foods – The Future of Food Infusion

by Richard Herbert  Americans have been plowing their own food culture path for as long as anyone can remember.  Because of America’s culturally diverse food heritage, there is one thing that is absolutely true: The United States is a hotbed of food trend development where there’s always something new and intriguing to consider. We spoke to four industry professionals – veterans in


How Biobased Energy and Consumer Goods will be Largest Cleantech Vertical – Featured on Biofuels Digest

By Richard Herbert,  Featured on Biofuels Digest's July 19th issue  Portfolios may be littered with the bones of first generation biofuel startups, but for strategic investors, the biofuels industry as a whole is far from cold in the grave. In fact, if you ask experts like John May, managing director of


Renewable Biofuels and Chemicals – Scale up is King and Long Game Focus Key

by Richard Herbert, President of Helix Recruiting VCs, driven by their appetite for quick results, are missing out on huge opportunities in renewable biofuels and chemicals. That leaves the market wide open to a variety of alternative investors who, if equipped with the patience needed, will realize the substantial returns that await those who can see the industry through a


When is Research Based Recruiting Right for Your Organization?

By Richard Herbert, President of Helix Recruiting Arguably, one of the most complex issues in building or sustaining a company is finding the right people that can directly impact and bring value to the organization.  The importance of the right hire at the right time cannot be overstated and can truly make or break a company.  For instance, if a chemical


Conversation with a Cleantech Venture Capitalist and the Fiscal Cliff

By Richard Herbert – President of Helix Recruiting Yesterday, I was speaking with a Cleantech Venture Capitalist I have known since the late 90’s, whose portfolio includes Wind, Solar, Chemical, Electric Vehicle, Thermal Energy, Smart Grid, IT, Healthcare and Consumer Product companies.  We were chatting about market conditions in their


Recruiters, the Economic Canary in the Coalmine and Newton’s Third Law

by Richard Herbert, President of Helix Recruiting Like most recruiters, recruiting found me, I didn't find recruiting.  I began recruiting in 1996 and again, like most recruiters, eventually became acutely aware of the ebbs and flows of the economy and how brutally crushing economic ebbs are to the recruiting sector.  Soon after that epiphany, I began to liken recruiters to canaries


CleanTech Outlook – Why Sentiment and Subsidy Will Not Get You There – Interview with Venture Capitalist Lincoln Bleveans – Part 2

This is the second part of Helix Recruiting's interview with Lincoln Bleveans the CEO of Hullspeed Energy Development & Finance.  Lincoln is a seasoned energy industry executive whose 15-year career has spanned domestic and international greenfield IPP development, acquisition, management, and divestiture, utility holding company governance, financial reporting, restructuring, and compliance as well as start-up and board experience.