We find amazing people for companies doing amazing things.

You don’t need a centrifuge or a Bunsen burner to know if a combination works. But you must understand the makeup of a startup, and the chemistry of personality. Executive search and recruiting is our science. It’s what we’ve been doing since 1996. Our clients are aggressive startups using the sciences in innovative new ways. We help them bring their dreams to fruition by finding them key executives, scientists and engineers.

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Our differences define us.

We’re not part of a conglomerate, nor are we beholden to anyone. We answer to our clients, to ourselves, and to our conscience. As a bespoke boutique unencumbered by bureaucracy, we are extremely nimble. That’s a good thing, because our clients’ charges are never just fill this C-suite; it’s who can we find to help disrupt the biochemical industry, who gets us street cred in the solar market, who brings the intangible entrepreneurial spirit, who’s a catalyst for fast-forward thinking. This means we don’t take every client that comes knocking. But it’s better that way – our relationships are long, with our clients and the exceptional people we share with them.



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Our tactics are unprecedented. Our results follow suit.

If your plans include disrupting the marketplace, we can help your company make it happen.


Executive Search and Recruiting

You want to find the visionary, the charismatic, the entrepreneurial, the fiscally responsible, the inspiring, and the experienced. And more often than not, you want that all in one person. Turn us loose on your wish list.


Custom Fit

Company needs are rarely one-size-fits-all. So oftentimes, we suggest a customized arrangement built on your short- and long-term plans and needs. Sometimes the result is à la carte, sometimes it’s a combination platter, sometimes it’s a built-in-the-lab hybrid. Bottom line, it accommodates your growth needs and your financial realities. Tell us what you want, we’ll propose a solution.


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Not just evidence; significant, quantifiable proof –
from our scientific, numbers-based clients.

Proof_Test_Modern Meadow

Andras Forgacs


Modern Meadow


“Helix Recruiting has been a true partner to Modern Meadow in building our team with the best possible talent. The team members that Charles and Richard at Helix have helped identify and recruit have been nothing short of transformational for our company. Our people are the most important assets and vital for our long-term success. Moreover, Helix’s engagement has been strategic, highly iterative and very aligned with our organization. We are thrilled to be working with Helix and look forward to growing our organization together substantially in the coming years.”


Salvador Rivera

Senior Director of Human Resources



“Helix Recruiting has one of the most passionate and talented group of recruiters I have ever had the chance to work with. Give them a target and they will deliver on the candidates. Their ability to quickly understand the characteristics of the role and the corresponding profile gives them a head start in sourcing and developing candidates that are on the mark.”


Bob Jansen


Stora Enso (Virdia)


“Helix Executive Search & Recruiting has been a business partner of Virdia since 2012 for both executive level and highly technical positions. They take the time to understand our needs from a holistic perspective and take into account our technical and cultural needs. They consistently deliver candidates that meet and exceed our expectations. I would highly recommend Helix as a search partner.”


Dave Warnick

Vice President of Human Resources



“Helix Recruiting has worked for Weir Oil and Gas in a number of locations around the world, at various levels. Richard’s team has filled some very difficult to find positions and has provided good value in his services to us. Helix has also been willing to explore various models over the years depending on our needs, to find win-win solutions.”


Philippe Lavielle

President & CEO



“Helix has been our preferred choice for a talent sourcing partner. They have shown great professionalism and flexibility in performing their searches. I highly recommend them for both technical individual contributor and CxO searches.”


Leandro Nonino

Vice President Sales & Marketing



“I have been directly involved with Helix in a recruiting process and enjoyed the professionalism, transparency and honesty they demonstrated. Executive search is a delicate and stressful task and Helix and its professionals were able to manage the relationship is a very smooth way leading to a successful outcome. I highly recommend Helix Recruiting.”


Your Success Story? 

Title of Excellence

Your Company






Food Security



This well-funded Post Series A startup focused on creating sustainable animal materials for a wide range of uses. Their intended products would contribute to global food security, reduce Co2 emissions, and the use of land and water resources. They needed a Chief Technology Officer who was not too removed from the labs, had built teams, had scaled products for commercialization, and had the charisma to raise funds and be a technical evangelist at conferences. Hey, a company can dream.


As with most Post Series A startups, they were conscious of their burn rate, but wanted to work with a firm specializing in their sector, with quantifiable successes in building disruptive tech startups. They asked previous associates for recommendations; three well-respected industry leaders pointed to Helix as the best firm to partner with, not only for their executive level search, but also to flexibly build their company. After initial meetings with the CEO and VPs, Helix initiated their CTO search, plus engaged in a long-term relationship to fill other positions.


Together with the company’s executive team, Helix identified the technical and personal characteristics that would deliver candidates with the highest chance of success. Using research-based recruiting, combined with the old school method of actually picking up the phone for conversations and networking, Helix quickly identified candidates exceeding the client’s expectations – in one instance, a candidate they thought completely out of their reach. Today, Helix is working with the new CTO to build out his team for the future success of the company and to minimize the impact of animal-based products on the world.


Specialty Chemicals & Renewable Fuels



This renewable chemical biotech company with big growth plans focused on organic ingredients for consumer products and renewable fuel solutions. Born out of the labs of Berkeley, the company was a thought leader in wedding biotech with specialty chemicals. Although the uniqueness was attractive to the marketplace, there were many challenges. Often talent was found at the academic research level; people who were not actively seeking employment. Plus, much of the talent pool lived in areas with a lower cost of living, and would need to be educated on why the opportunity warranted relocation to an area with a much higher cost of living. A job posting was not going to solve this. They needed an evangelist for their company and their technology. The pipeline also needed to triple their employee base within a year. If the talent was not in place by certain milestones, the company would lose valuable competitive ground.


During the search for an external partner, the company needed someone with proven velocity in order to meet their exacting needs. Richard was referred to as someone who had the ability to hunt, as well as the ability to evangelize the company’s technical vision. The talent acquisition needs were specific, but varied to meet all stages of innovation. The VP of HR’s main question was, “Can one recruiting organization support me across all of my needs?” After meeting Richard, the answer was, “Yes.” Helix Recruiting was hired to provide “Research Based Recruiting” which would develop a passive yet engaged talent pipeline. Working directly with Hiring Managers allowed the company to build a rapport with the frontline. The VP of HR saw Helix as “part of the team”, not as an external vendor.


Year one the team exceeded talent acquisition goals by 3%, which allowed them to get a jump-start in the innovative market. Typically exceeding these goals would also mean surpassing the budget. However, by engaging Richard they were able to achieve a 50% to 60% reduction in cost per hire. Since Richard was able to build “trust and credibility” at the candidate level, the talent pipeline was secured quicker at a lower financial impact. The company relied on Helix Recruiting to build their team for their most critical hires for a seven-year engagement. Several of the company’s former employees have formed companies of their own and have chosen Helix to build their startups.


Clean-Tech: Wind and Wave Energy



A Pre-Series A start-up held the patent to a potentially game-changing innovation to make wind turbines’ drivetrains more efficient and reliable. One barrier existed to market introduction: talent. Not originating from the turbine industry, they needed a larger network of contacts in Big Wind. The CEO knew senior level management from the wind energy sector was required to attract serious attention from venture capital. With limited funds the potential candidate compensation was a more of a future promise than an immediate reality. They needed to identify just the right talent at just the right time in their career to start the conversation of joining their team. No brand name, limited network, and limited funds meant outside help was needed. They wondered if the search was just going to boil down to luck.


The CEO researched several firms specializing in the CleanTech industry. Having worked with Richard at a former company, Helix Recruiting was included in the selection process. They needed a recruiting partner to be just as flexible as their future employees. He asked Richard to partner with them on the search because of Helix’s ability to show they could not only find the right talent needs today, but also what they would need down the road. Since the need was for an executive nationwide search, but the client was a Pre Series A with limited funds, Helix was able to offer a customized Retained format, allowing the client to have a dedicated “high level executive search partner.”


Due to Helix’s ability to identify talent pools, initiate conversations, and create rapport, they were presented with a pool of highly qualified candidates. Candidates were engaged and excited about the opportunity. New networks for future talent needs were created. “Richard and team really helped us find key critical candidates for the future success of our business.” Industry and concept credibility was established and venture capital was more easily engaged. Luck was not the major factor in securing the right person; Helix Recruiting was.



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